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In 2012, Hope Brinn and Steven Gu, two Swarthmore students, realized that no comprehensive, organized resource existed for high school students and by college students seeking information about the college...


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The Top Reasons to Get a Doctorate in Education
If you are considering furthering your career with a Doctorate in Education, it is important to consider whether it is
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Q&A Becoming a Mentor
Is there an application for being a mentor? Right now, all of our mentors are bloggers for the Collegiate so
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Tufts Syndrome
Tufts Syndrome Unwrapped Have you ever heard others claim they were rejected by a school because they were “overly qualified”
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Q&A — What’s the Most Important Part of the Application?
Q: If I was put on a waitlist, but didn’t make it, would it be a big deal to apply
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Studying for the Critical Reading Section of the SAT — Vocabulary Lists
The sentence-completion questions of the critical reading section of the SAT test your ability to use vocabulary in context. Oftentimes,
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Pros and Cons of Early Action
Defining Early Action Early action programs allow students to apply to colleges and universities at an early deadline and in
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Q&A How Much Time Should I Devote to the College Process?
I really want my family to host an exchange student for the upcoming school year. I will be a senior
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Pros and Cons of Rolling Admissions
Many colleges and universities employ rolling admissions policies. Rolling admissions give students a long period of time in which they
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Q&A Bad Guidance Counselor
Guidance counselors are notoriously overworked. Often, there will be a student to counselor ratio of something like 400:1. If you
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History of the SAT
The College Board was formed in 1900 with the intent of standardizing the admissions process at elite universities. At around
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